general terms and
conditions of sale

General Conditions of Basel Bike Tours

Article 1 – Purpose of the contract

The rental of a Bicycle with or without Accessories, with basic equipment provided by BBT (Basel Bike Tours), hereinafter referred to as the “Company”. The Bicycle, its Accessories and its Basic Equipment rented hereunder, taken alone or together, are referred to as the Rented Goods. You are referred to as “CUSTOMER”, the person hiring the bike as part of an organized tour.

Article 2 – Basic equipment of the Bicycle

Each Bicycle rented is equipped with: front and rear lights, battery (EAB only), helmet (recommended and provided upon request), front basket (upon request), anti-puncture spray (or repair kit), odometer (EAB only), bell.

Article 3 – Conditions of use

The Customer certifies that it is fit to use the E Bikes, and declares that he/she has no medical contraindications.

Any minor must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The Customer is responsible for respecting the rules of traffic and to respect the Highway Code. The Customer is strongly advised to wear a helmet.

The Customer acknowledges that the Renter has offered him a helmet on loan. When parking the Bicycle, it is mandatory for the Customer to install the anti-theft device (jaw plus chain). The Customer is responsible for the securing of the transported luggage.

The Customer is forbidden to use unmade roads or roads reserved for mountain bikes, unless instructed by a BBT guide.

Article 5 – Payment and methods of payment of the service

The tour service should be paid by the Customer at the time the reservation is confirmed by BBT. An invoice will be issued and sent to the Customer’s email address for payment.

The accepted methods of payment are: by credit card or via bank transfer.

The funds should be visible in our company account at the beginning of the tour.

Article 6 – Cancellation

The Customer has the right to cancel a reservation under the following conditions: To get a full refund the Customer needs to contact the Company 48 hours before their departure. Outside this period the tour is non refundable.

The Company reserves the right to cancel the tour due to bad weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, in which case alternative dates or full refund will be offered to the Customer.

Article 7 – Liability and insurance

BBT guarantees for its customers electric bikes in a good working order, regularly revised and in conformity with the regulation in force and with the safety requirements. BBT and the guides subscribed to a Public Liability Insurance.

Before a tour, the guide gives the safety instructions and the CUSTOMER makes a commitment to follow. The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the use of the bike. BBT could not be held responsible for any damage caused by the CUSTOMER during the tour.

The CUSTOMER is solely responsible in case of damage to third parties of other participants during the visit. The parents or legal tutors of a minor participating in the visit are held responsible for any damage caused by the latter during the visit. The CUSTOMER is aware that he must personally subscribe to a public liability insurance which covers him in case of use of cycles, to guarantee him in case of damage arising during the tour. For lack of having signed such an insurance, he could not blame BBT for the absence of this personal insurance. Any fines and infractions arising as a result of bad functioning of the Bike caused by the CUSTOMER are his exclusive responsibility.

Customer should enter this contract in possession of full medical cover and accident insurance. The Company is not liable for cost of treatments arising from medical bills associated with accidents that occurred during the guided tour.

Article 8 – Loss, theft or damages

The electric Bike/standard bike and its equipment are placed under the guard of the CUSTOMER.

In case of loss, theft or damage of the bike and its equipment, the CUSTOMER agrees to compensate BBT by means of payment of an allowance estimated at the top of the updated scale, available in the Nomenclature at the end of the page.

Article 9 – Authorization of publishing photos

During the progress of service, photos of the CUSTOMERS can be taken.

The CUSTOMER is informed and allows the fact that photos on which he appears might be published by BBT on his website and his social networks.

The CUSTOMER that does not allow the publishing of photos in which he appears on the BBT website or social media, has to inform the Company in advance of the service via email at or expressing his non-consent to the tour guide.

Nomenclature of damaged parts

Designation Price incl. VAT
Complete e-bike (75% of the retail price)
Front lamp 60 CHF
Rear lamp 40 CHF
Ride control 180 CHF
Mudguard 60 CHF
Complete front wheel 85 CHF
Complete rear wheel 100 CHF.
Child seat 68 CHF
Helmet 20 CHF
Paniers 30 CHF

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