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I am a father, living 5 minutes from Basel in Alsace, with one wife, two kids, two cats and Ugo.

In my heart, I am a wine man, born in Mendoza, Argentina, close to the original “Juan” (my grandfather), who introduced me to my first glass of wine. 

I developed my professional career in the UK, where I got my Diploma WSET in wines. I’ve worked for over 15 years in international management roles focusing on sales and marketing until life adventures took me to Basel in 2016, where I founded my own company to create wine experiences. 

Today, I love to organise personalised activities for people who enjoy exploring and pedalling on e-bikes. People curious about travelling, wine, local culture, the beautiful outdoors, but above all, open to discovering new things in life. 

Hope you can join me next time you are in town. I would love to pedal with you so I can show you around. I speak English, Spanish, Italian and French, I know we will have plenty to talk about. 

Juan Lo Bello

Wine Educator, DipWSET, experience creator.

I am Reiner, born in Germany but now proudly Swiss.

Experience in economics and IT Security, Startup Coach and Mentor and certified Bike Guide.

I have been living in the corner of the three countries for over 20 years. I call this beautiful region my home. I love the diverse beauties this region has to offer.

Are you curious about exploring it? Let’s discover them together.


E-bike tour guide

Our Story

It does not take a long time to discover when things are going to work. 

Serendipity in life is a great thing. 

The first time I encountered the guys of ACT, I was travelling solo with my cargo e-bike in Alsace, looking for a nice place to enjoy a Tarte Flambee in Colmar. It was May 2018. 

By chance, I parked my bike next to a group of e-bikes (you know, to provide my own bike with some “like-minded company”). When the owners of the e-bikes arrived I got chatty, I found out they were enjoying a guided tour organized by ACT. The friendliness of the guide struck a chord with me and as soon as I arrived from the trip I called the office in Eguisheim to introduce myself and Maxime was all smiles. 

A long term friendship was born that day. 

Three years later, with a global sanitary crisis in the middle, we are proud to have found our common project. 

We are excited to launch Basel Bike Tours to link the length of the Rhine from Basel to Strasbourg with e-bike tours and activities. 

We will love to give more people the chance to enjoy nature in that relaxing way that only e-bikes can give you. 

Join us to be closer to the natural life, local people and their stories, the vineyards and the culture of this remarkable “three-border region” of Switzerland, Germany and France. 

Juan & Maxime